Florida’s 10-day python challenge begins

EVERGLADES FLA. (WSVN) – – On Friday, Florida’s fist lady, Casey DeSantis, was in the Everglades to help kick off the state’s 10-day python challenge.

“…a 10,000 dollar bonus, DeSantis said.

People from across the country are now allowed to hunt the invasive reptile until Aug. 14.

“Welcome everyone to join us in hunting this invasive snake,” said Ron Bergeron, a conservationist.

The big snake, known as the Burmese python, is tan in color with dark markings on its back and sides.

“It is destroying the natural food chain, and without a healthy food chain, you cannot have a healthy environment,” Bergeron said.

This species has caused problems in the Everglades, which is why this call to action and competition started 10 years ago.

“To ensuring that we are persevering the Everglades better to the next generation,” DeSantis said.

For more information on the python challenge click here.