Georgia police on the hunt for Bradley Cooper’s double ganger who is a thief

Police in Georgia are looking for a robber who closely resembles star Bradley Cooper.

The suspect, who resembles a heavier Cooper eerily enough, was allegedly caught on camera taking a rotary laser from a Home Depot in McDonough on July 23.

Many people pointed out the suspect’s striking resemblance to the Oscar-nominated actor as soon as Henry County Police released a call for assistance in finding the thief.

As the police post garnered over 500 comments on Facebook over the past week, some made fun of Cooper’s resemblance and suggested that he was method acting or having financial difficulties.

‘You know it’s hard times when Braddley is having to steal,’ Facebook user Brooke Adams wrote.

Others couldn’t help but make puns about the A Star Is Born star, while several used the opportunity to jokingly tell police that Cooper was the person they were seeking for.

“Is Bradley Cooper plagiarizing? Adam Veatch, a Facebook user, wrote: “He’s extremely far from the shallow now.

Another Facebook user, Jeremy Gonzalez, commented: “Must be hard…keepin it so hardcore.”

Mary Kethyrn Jenkins, a fellow Facebook user, commented that the suspect might just be Cooper playing a role for his upcoming production.

Jenkins stated that Bradley Cooper “really put [it] on” for the part.

Tom Sanford, another Facebook user, quipped: ‘Bradley Cooper pulled a Wynona Ryder,’ referencing the Stranger Things actor’s brush with law in 2001 over shoplifting charges.

The police’s post received nearly 500 comments, with many poking fun at the doppleganger

Cooper hasn’t commented on his doppelgänger despite the barrage of jokes about him.

The actor from The Hangover is presently working filming Maestro, in which he plays renowned Broadway composer Leonard Bernstein.

The day before his partner Huma Abedin’s birthday, he was sighted with Vogue editor Anna Wintour at his home in New York City on last Saturday.