Greater Boston in store for hours of storms, NWS says trees already falling to wind gusts

Metro Boston beware — the storm promised by the dark sky over the region has already arrived, but it will do little to challenge the heat onslaught.

Pop-up thunderstorms are downing trees across the region and while wind gusts have been in the “sub-severe” category for the most part, these storms have a potential for gusts as hard as 60 mph, according to Torry Gaucher, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Boston office.

“We’ve had some reports of trees down on roads,” Gaucher cautioned. “People out and about should just be aware that we’ll have some strong thunderstorms.”

Gaucher said the NWS is forecasting these storms to remain in the region over the next two to three hours, but could possibly extend into scattered storms into Saturday.

He said the wind gusts in the storms, which could also carry small hail, could down power lines and that anyone who comes across a powerline should treat it as a live wire and contact their local power company.

Unfortunately, the storms won’t be helping Boston’s heat. The NWS has extended their heat advisory into Sunday evening with an expected heat index, a combo of temperatures and humidity, in the range of 95 to 104.

A map the Service tweeted outlines in red a region along the coast north to Revere, south nearly to Braintree and west toward Belmont and Newton that could see the effects of these storms.

But, as one Twitter commenter pointed out, the demarcation of the storm is a little more foggy: “I’m south of the Red and it’s looking pretty ominous here!”

Courtesy / National Weather ServiceA National Weather Service map indicates the region of Greater Boston most likely to be affected by Friday’s storms. (Courtesy / National Weather Service)