Boston ‘one-man crime wave’ charged with another ripple

A previously convicted “one-man crime wave” in Fields Corner actually caused at least some more ripples in the area, say prosecutors still grouchy about a judge’s previously lenient sentence.

Thanh Le, a 50-year-old man previously with no fixed address who’s currently in jail on a probation violation, has racked up a new robbery charge.

Earlier this year, Le pleaded guilty to charges in six different cases that includes receiving a stolen motor vehicle, breaking and entering a motor vehicle, larceny and possession of a Class B substance.

Judge Jonathan Tynes gave him probation, over prosecutors’ objections — but then ordered him to jail to serve out the two-year suspended probationary sentence there after he later was charged with leading cops on a car chase after he was released.

That all led Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden’s office to describe Le as a “one-man crime wave.”

Now he’s charged with unarmed robbery, as authorities allege he tackled a woman and stole her purse in February along Dorchester Avenue. Cops have linked him to the robbery by DNA evidence from a glove he dropped at the scene, per the district attorney’s office.

“Over our objections he was placed on probation. He promptly re-offended with a dangerous car chase,” Hayden said. “He is now charged with committing even more offenses during his original crime wave, beyond what we already knew, and we already knew a lot.”