NH town hit hard by severe storms, downed trees and power lines causing massive damage

Severe storm’s Friday afternoon caused devastating damage across Hollis, New Hampshire, downing trees and power lines.

One New Hampshire man had a close call while out on a drive when a fast-moving storm toppled two trees and power lines on top of his truck, trapping him inside.

“This one came through my roof,” said Zach Leishman, pointing to one of the trees on his car. “I heard my window shatter, and the glass got me in the elbow.”

After the trees crashed into the car, Leishman called for help.

“This roof collapses. I’m dead,” said Leishman. “I’m sitting there hopping and praying they are going to get to me.”

Rescue crews rushed to the scene allowing Leishman to crawl out of the truck’s window.

“I pretty much got out of the truck, kissed the ground and said I’m lucky to be alive,” said Leishman.

For Leishman’s parents, the sight of his crushed truck was a frightening one.

“That was very scary for me cause I didn’t think he was alive at first,” said Leichman’s mom Debra Courtemanche.

The Federal Hill Road area in Hollis was hit hard by the storm, sending one tree crashing through the roof of a home, right above where one Hollis resident said his granddaughter sleeps.

“No one getting hurt, I’ll take it,” said Mike Jenkins, whose home was crushed by a tree.

By Friday evening, clean-up crews started picking up fallen trees and power lines.

“You see a wall of water and wind, don’t even tempt, don’t even tempt driving in it. I thought I was a superhero, and look where it got me,” said Leishman. “It got me nowhere.”